Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Secret To Fitness

There is a small minority of people who consistently reach an even exceed their health and fitness goals.
These successful people have a few things in common, they:
  • Enjoy a high level of fitness... enabling them to do many things well
  • Exemplify health... and live a higher quality of life
  • Set the standard for an attractive body... making them the envy of others
Of course you want to be a part of this physically fit successful group!
Can anyone join this small group? Yes!
Do you have to be "genetically gifted"? No, not at all!
When can you get started? Right now!
When we see people with the physical skills, vigor and beauty we wish we could have, we think...
  • "They know something I don't know."
  • "They are keeping the best for themselves."
  • "If only they let me in on their secret, I could succeed too!"
Some people believe there is a secret of fitness success... and they would be right!
I'm going to tell you the secret of fitness success that will allow all of your past failures to make sense and the "answer" you have been looking for will be revealed right before your eyes!
I'm going to let you in on the secret, but be warned, secrets are often hidden in plain sight. People don't always see them because they are so obvious, or refuse to see them because they want to believe something else.
People are exposed to the "secret" to fitness success every day... but miss it, or purposely avoid acknowledging the truth.
When someone "in the know" reveals the secret, most people say... "I knew that, it is just common sense".
Unfortunately, when people say "I knew that", what they really mean to say is "I should have known that".
The Secret Of Fitness Success
Those that succeed in obtaining a high level of fitness, improving health and developing an attractive physique all have one thing in common: they consciously realize and understand the secret of fitness success.
No one becomes the best they can be without it, no one!
Here is the secret of fitness success is:
You, and only you, are responsible for your fitness success!
  • Genetics are not responsible...
  • Secret exercises are not responsible...
  • Gym memberships are not responsible...
  • Magic diets are not responsible...
  • The latest machines are not responsible...
  • Personal trainers are not responsible...
You, and only you, are responsible for your fitness success!
You have the power to successfully increase your fitness level, improve health and create your best body, right now, this very second!
All you have to do is access that power by...
  • wanting fitness success...
  • learning how to obtain it...
  • applying what you learn...
... and not stopping the wanting, learning and applying process until you succeed!
Every successful person before you has followed this pattern... and if you follow it, you will be successful too!

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