Sunday, May 6, 2012

How Soda Negatively Impacts Your Health

Do you drink a soda everyday? Most people who drink soda drink thee 12 ounce cans. Daily drinking of soda can and will make you obese. On average, people who drink soda get 400 extra calories per day. Worst of all these are empty calories! That equals about one pound of weight gain per week. Research has shown that soda is 60 percent more likely to make you obese than people who do not drink soda! That's an alarming statistic!

Soda drinking leads to obesity, and obesity has all kinds of negative health effects. Generally, obesity leads to heart disease, cancer, and many other health problems. Fifty percent of soda users have gastrointestinal problems. Wow, that's half of soda drinkers! This is because soda is very acidic and eats the lining of your intestines. Your teeth are also heavily affected by the sugar and the acid of soda. It can strip the enamel off your teeth. Soda also leeches calcium from your body.

With all of these health reasons, and even more that I didn't go to in detail, I believe I won't be drinking anymore soda and I hope that none of you will either!

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