Monday, June 25, 2012


Why is juicing so beneficial? The fibres in fruits and vegetables trap enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. A substantial percentage of the goodness remains out of your body's reach in the normal digestive processes.
When produce is processed in a juice extractor, these nutrients are released for immediate absorption. In a sense the juice becomes pre-digested food. When drinking the juice, your body can instantly access this most concentrated form of micronutrients.
The powerful cocktail of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins are available to all the cells in your body, and is quickly assimilated with virtually no effort. You will almost hear your body heaving a sigh of relief!
Just imagine how much energy your body usually has to expend to digest huge, heavy, fatty meals. Instead of the usual energy slump you experience after a meal, a glass of juice will be followed by an energy surge.
The secret to experiencing the full benefit of juicing, lies in drinking it with as little standing time as possible. Your aim is to minimize oxidation, and loss of any of the precious nutrients

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