Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fat VS Muscle

We all know that it is better to have muscle than fat and the photo above is a great illustration of how much less space muscle takes up in your body as opposed to the same amount of fat. It is a fantastic example of why you should really go for muscle instead of just losing weight to be slimmer.

If you have a hard time believing that gaining muscle should be a big part of your loosing weight regiment, here are a few things that should convince you otherwise:

1. For every pound of lean muscle mass your body burns 50 calories per day even while you are resting and not doing anything! So by just having muscle mass your body will burn more calories per day on it's own!

2. An intense weight training workout will actually increase your metabolisms speed for up to 40 hours after you have exercised! Wow, that's a long time for your metabolism to speed up after just one work out! This means you will burn even more calories while not doing anything.

3. During weight training, your body uses your stored carbohydrates for energy - so the more intense your workout, the more carbs you burn. Burning carbs is one of the most essential keys to weight loss so this is very important!

So let's get out there and do some weight training so we can lose weight, stay fit, and look great!

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